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Cleeve Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and part of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Our vision
In 100 years’ time, visitors to Cleeve Common will enjoy the same sense of space and tranquillity, with the diversity of plant and animal life, as they do today.


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Trouble Sleeping?

If the muggy weather is keeping you awake you are not alone - this young badger was spotted out and about during the day on the Common this week!

Badgers are normally quite strictly nocturnal so we hope that this youngster, who did not appear to be sick or injured, managed to find its way home to catch up on some sleep.

20th July 2014

Wall Systems Go!

Work has started to re-build forty metres of dilapidated drystone wall near the radio masts on Cleeve Common. With the support of the Cotswolds Sustainable Development Fund from the Cotswolds Conservation Board, which has provided a grant contribution towards the cost of re-building the wall, the section of wall is being re-built to enable the continuation of a project which aims to save some of the UK’s rarest mosses from extinction.

Until the arrival of cars and tarmac, the practice of capping walls with limestone silt and animal dung is thought to have been part of everyday road maintenance, serving to remove the build-up of dung and mud from drove roads. These ‘mud-capped walls’ were recorded by naturalists in the Cotswolds up until the early 20th century, and this habitat hosted a unique assemblage of mosses.

7th July 2014

Cleeve Ranger wins Heart of Gloucestershire Award!

Congratulations to our senior Ranger, David Stevenson, who has been awareed the Gloucestershire Echo's 'Heart of Gloucestershire' Envionmental Hero award.  See picture 17 at this link .  Well done David!

17 June 2014

Sheep and lambs on the Common

There are now hundreds of ewes with lambs on the Common.  If you are walking with a dog, please keep it under tight control at all times and on a lead when passing sheep.  Every year, a number of sheep are killed in dog attacks, an upsetting occurrence for the farmer, the Rangers and, not least, the owner of the dog.  Thank you.

12 May 2014

Who visits Cleeve Common - and why?

So what is the profile of the 'average' visitor to Cleeve Common?

He/she lives locally, is a regular visitor and comes by car to walk (perhaps with a dog) and to enjoy the fine views and open spaces.

These observations are drawn from the Visitor Survey we carried out during the late May holiday weekend. Highlights from this survey include:

  • Over 1000 people visit the Common on a busy weekend day
  • Most come by car (62%) but a quarter come on foot and thre rest by bike, horse or bus
  • Two-thirds live locally, less than 5 miles away (i.e. Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve, etc)
  • Nearly three quarters (73%) are regulars
  • Three quarters come to walk or run on the Common
  • Almost 4 out of 5 (79%) say what they enjoy most is the openness and views
  • A large number complimented the Board on doing a good job of managing the Common

Charts and all the numbers can be found in the summary document - click on the link below.

22 August 2013

Memorial Programme

The Memorial Programme allows local residents to make a donation in memory of a loved one to fund the conservation of Cleeve Common. Donations for this purpose will help to maintain and enhance the Common’s natural beauty as a lasting and fitting tribute to the family members and friends who enjoyed visiting the Common for this very reason. Those making a donation will be able to place a plaque on the Memorial Wall surrounding the Cotswold's highest tree (photo).

Sheep status

Sheep on the Common

Updated 28 April

There are now sheep with lambs  grazing on the Common

Please close all gates and keep dogs under close control. You are required by law to keep dogs on a lead at all times around livestock.

Thank you.

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