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Cleeve Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and part of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Our vision
In 100 years’ time, visitors to Cleeve Common will enjoy the same sense of space and tranquillity, with the diversity of plant and animal life, as they do today.


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News update

Quarry Car Park Closing Time

Please note that our quarry carpark closing time will change to 8 pm commencing Monday 30th March, as the clocks go forward this weekend. THE GATE WILL BE LOCKED AT 8 PM. We will switch back to 5 pm again in the autumn when the clocks go back.

It costs us money in staff time when our rangers have to wait around (plus they really do have homes to go to), so please help us to keep our costs down by ensuring that you vacate the car park before this time.

Thank you.

25th March 2015

The gall of it all!

We’re buzzing about a rare find on Cleeve Common!

In July 2014 our field team recorded an unusual-looking plant gall on a widely-occurring plant called common cat’s-ear. The gall was tentatively identified as being caused by a gall wasp called Phanacis hypochoeridis, and the plant was photographed so that its identification could be confirmed later.

We’ve been working through our winter jobs, including inputting records into our species database, and have sent the photograph off to a local expert, Robert Homan. Robert, the Gloucestershire Plant Gall Recorder, confirmed the wasp’s identification, and also confirmed that the species has never been recorded in Gloucestershire before!

23rd March 2015

Four Superstars visit Cleeve Common!

Did you see any of the Channel 4 TV racing coverage of the Cheltenham Festival?  If so  you might have noticed some fabulous footage of Cleeve Common...with four National Hunt superstars of recent years: Kauto Star, Denman, Big Buck's and Master Minded.  Filming took place on 1 March and - despite a very strong wind and the odd hail shower - Ch 4 were very happy with the results!  We are grateful for their generous donation towards staffing costs and management of the Common. Click link below for more photos.

March 2015

When is Cleeve Hill not Cleeve Common?

Following a recent spate of reports of abandoned cars and fly tipping on 'Cleeve Common' in the local media and on social media, we are feeling rather indignant about being compared to Beirut! The reports are inaccurate, as these problems are occurring on nearby land but not Cleeve Common itself.

Please take a look at our newly updated FAQs, which explain our geographic area of responsibility. We are a small charity on a tight budget. We cannot take responsibility for other peoples' land, but our FAQs endeavour to point you in the right direction if your complaint does not concern our land.

Thank you.

2nd March 2015

Annual Bird Survey 2014

The latest annual bird survey from Arthur Ball, a local ornithologist, is now available to view and download.  There's good news and bad news: read more...

Baby Belties!

From Wednesday 21st January there will be some new residents on Cleeve Common - we're introducing 10 pedigree Belted Galloways into our herd of Galloway cattle. The new stock will be penned in Postlip Valley, initially away from our older cows while they settle in to their new surroundings, but our main herd will join them in a month or so. The new Belties will be youngsters - about 18 months - so they may be lively and easily spooked; we're asking visitors to give them a wide berth while they settle in.

2015 Hacking Licences

Please note that as of 1st January 2015, all horse riders riding off the restricted byway/bridleway on Cleeve Common MUST have a 2015 hacking licence.

The 2015 hacking licence costs £30 and permits you to ride off the byway/bridleway for all of 2015 whilst supporting our work to conserve Cleeve Common as the beautiful open space which is so enjoyable for horse riding. What fantastic value! Download your application form here.

Quarry Car Park Closing Time

Please be aware that from 25th October onwards, the car park gates will be locked daily at 5 pm. The closing time will remain at 5 pm all through the winter, until the clocks go forward again next spring. Quarry car park (at the golf club entrance) is the only of our car parks which is on the Common itself - if you wish to visit the Common by car after 5 pm, please use one of the alternative parking places.

Please help us to keep our staff costs down by making sure that you vacate the car park before 5 pm.

Thank you.

22nd October 2014

Cleeve Common Visitors' Guide

Breaking News! The Gloucestershire branch of Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) have kindly just donated £500 towards the design and production costs of our NEW VISITOR LEAFLET!

6th October 2014

Memorial Programme

The Memorial Programme allows local residents to make a donation in memory of a loved one to fund the conservation of Cleeve Common. Donations for this purpose will help to maintain and enhance the Common’s natural beauty as a lasting and fitting tribute to the family members and friends who enjoyed visiting the Common for this very reason. Those making a donation will be able to place a plaque on the Memorial Wall surrounding the Cotswold's highest tree (photo).

Sheep status

No sheep on the Common

Updated January 2015

There are currently no sheep on the Common, but please note that our herd of Galloway cattle are in winter paddocks behind electric fencing.   Please check the noticeboards at the main entrances to the Common for a map of the paddock location.


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