Memorial Programme

Cleeve Common is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is a nationally important site for nature conservation, geology and archaeology. With its wide open spaces and spectacular views over the Vale of Evesham, Cheltenham, Winchcombe and surrounding areas it is held with great affection among local residents. Without management, the open grassland of Cleeve Common would succumb to gorse and secondary woodland and the beautiful diversity of wild flowers would be lost. Grazing and scrub management are vital to maintain t he species-rich limestone grassland; a habitat that has declined alarmingly in recent years. A dedicated team works year-round on the Common to maintain its spectacular open landscape and nature conservation value. This requires considerable levels of funding.

The Memorial Programme allows local residents to make a donation in memory of a loved one to fund the conservation of Cleeve Common. Donations for this purpose will help to maintain and enhance the Common’s natural beauty as a lasting and fitting tribute to the family member or friend who enjoyed visiting the Common for this very reason. Donations will help to fund conservation work such as:

  • Restoration of species-rich limestone grassland, a nationally important habitat;
  • Grazing management, including husbandry of the Common’s herd of pedigree Galloway cattle;
  • Scrub management, to maintain diverse habitats for birds, reptiles and invertebrates;
  • Restoration of lowland heathland, also a nationally important habitat which is especially rare in the Cotswolds;
  • Monitoring of the Common to ensure our rarest and most vulnerable species are looked after; and
  • Education and access, to enable all sections of the community to enjoy the Common and to learn to respect their natural environment.

Contributors to the memorial programme will be able to place a brass memorial plaque (up to 6 x 4 inches) for 25 years on the memorial wall around the single beech tree, the highest tree in the Cotswolds.  They will be invited to join an annual guided walk on the Common to see how our conservation work is progressing. The minimum contribution for the scheme is £500.

Cleeve Common Trust will erect memorial plaques, but the donor is responsible for the costs of procuring and maintaining the plaque. Whilst the Trust will make every effort to ensure longevity of plaques, it cannot assume responsibility for long-term maintenance. The site of memorial plaques may not be decorated with flowers or other ornaments; this is not considered in keeping with the ‘wilderness’ aspect of the Common.

To join the Memorial Programme, please complete and application form and return it to us in hard or soft copy.  If you a UK taxpayer, we'd ask you to complete a Gift Aid form too as we can increase the value of your donation by 25% at not extra cost to you.  Thank you.

Memorial Programme application form (PDF)

Memorial Programme application form (Word download)

Gift Aid declaration (PDF)

Gift Aid declaration (Word download)