Red hemp-nettle; a national treasure

Download a PDF document with more information about red hemp-nettle growing on Cleeve Common and the harvesting of seeds for the Millennium Seed Bank at Kew.

History of Cleeve Common

Download a three page history describing how human activities over the centuries have shaped the Common we see today.

Memorial Programme

The Memorial Programme allows local residents to make a donation in memory of a loved one to fund the conservation of Cleeve Common. Donations will help to maintain and enhance the Common’s natural beauty as a lasting and fitting tribute to the family member or friend who enjoyed visiting the Common for this very reason. Those making a donation will be able to place a plaque on the Memorial Wall surrounding the Cotswold's highest tree.

More information on the memorial scheme (PDF)

The Dewpond

The Dewpond is a historic watering hole on the hilltop part of the Common, near the radio masts. It was restored in 2000 as an experiment in a traditional way of providing drinking water for grazing stock.

More information on the Dewpond (PDF)