To ride a horse or pony on the Common, except on the few stretches of byway and bridleway along some edges of the Common, you need a Hacking Licence.

Download an information sheet about riding on Cleeve Common (PDF)

Download an application form for a hacking licence (PDF)

Download an application form for a hacking licence (Word)

Commercial dog walking

While you are permitted to walk anywhere on the Common with your own dog, the access granted under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000) does not extend to carrying out commercial activities on the Common. We therefore offer a licence for professional dog walking, similar to permits for horse riding (both pleasure and commercial). For further information, please see the Dog Walkers information sheet and application form.

Dog Walkers who are authorised to use the Common can be found in the Register of Responsible Dog Walkers

Cycling on Cleeve Common

Aside from the limited restricted byways and bridleways, there is no statutory access for cyclists on the Common.   However, permissive access, to ride on established tracks elsewhere is granted by Cleeve Common Trust to those who sign up to and adhere to the code of conduct.  We welcome those cyclists to enjoy the Common sensitively for many years to come.

Please see the Cycling information sheet and Code of Conduct (PDF)

Event organisers' information sheet

For some activities, you must obtain prior consent from the Trust.  This information sheet explains what conditions apply and how to ensure that your group activity, whatever it is, is safe and successful for all concerned.

Download the event organisers information sheet (PDF)

Mountain boarding

This Code of Conduct was drawn up by boarders for boarders.  Please follow it, both to give boarders a good reputation and to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit.

Download the mountain boarders' code of conduct (PDF