Our vision for Cleeve Common

In 100 years’ time, visitors to Cleeve Common will enjoy the same sense of space and tranquillity, with the diversity of plant and animal life, as they do today.

Management aims

The overall task of the Board of Conservators is to fulfil the vision by balancing long-term conservation of the landscape, the natural environment and the geological and archaeological features with today’s recreational and agricultural interests.

The management aims of the Board are as follows:


To conserve and enhance the distinctive character of the Common and particularly the sense of wildness, space and remoteness.

Nature Conservation

To conserve and enhance the quality and diversity of habitats and wildlife appropriate to calcareous grassland.


To optimise grazing in order to achieve the landscape and nature conservation aims and to benefit stockholders with Common grazing rights.

Geology and Archaeology

To identify, conserve and manage features of geological, archaeological and cultural significance.


To manage the use of the Common for a wide variety of recreational activities consistent with the conservation aims.

Information and education

To enhance the understanding and enjoyment of visitors to the Common and to promote wider appreciation of its value as part of Britain’s natural heritage.


To assure there is sufficient income to meet the above aims and to invest any excess effectively, in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines.

Statutory responsibilities

To fulfil the statutory responsibilities arising from the governing Act of Parliament, the Common’s status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and membership of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme.


To ensure that the Board’s policies and decisions are understood by the bodies which appoint Board members, by other interested parties and by the wider local community.