Cleeve Common’s wide open spaces and rugged landscape make it an attractive setting for a wide variety of organized events, such as sponsored walks, orienteering, cross-country cycling and equestrian activities. The Trust seeks to accommodate such events where possible, mindful of its primary responsibility for the long-term conservation of the Common.

You must have permission from the Trust to run an event on the Common which:

  • involves participants on cycles, horses or any other means of conveyance other than on foot, and/or
  • requires way-marking, setting up checkpoints or bringing vehicles or equipment on to the Common
  • is carried out for commercial purposes.

You do not need prior consent for groups of people simply meeting to walk or run on the Common. We nevertheless strongly advise you to contact us on Health and Safety grounds, so we can alert the Rangers in case emergency assistance or other help is needed.  We can also advise on dates (to avoid potential clashes with other events), bring local knowledge to bear in choosing the most appropriate route... and so help to ensure a safe and successful group activity for all concerned.

We will ask you for a donation to help cover our costs if Ranger support is required before, during or after your event.

 For more detail, see the Event Organisers’ Information Sheet.