The Common is home to rare species and fragile habitats which are vulnerable to disturbance. You can help us to look after this wilderness for future generations to enjoy by following these guidelines: 



  • Keep dogs under close control when there are sheep out, normally from late April until late November. If you see a dog worrying sheep, please contact our Duty Ranger without delay. Dog litter bins are provided in car parks; do not leave bags on the Common or in hedgerows.
  • Keep off the Golf Course greens and tees. Take care when crossing fairways.
  • Close gates to prevent the sheep and cattle escaping.
  • Take you litter home with you. As well as looking unsightly, it can cause harm to wildlife and grazing animals.
  • Use only the activity area for flying kites and model aircraft, kite boarding and ball games.
  • Keep off areas with temporary fencing for regeneration of the grassland.
  • Avoid high impact activity (such as group walks, mountain biking and horse riding) in ecologically sensitive areas and on the scheduled Ancient Monuments.


  • Drive motor vehicles of any sort on the Common, except for mobility scooters and buggies, or to access designated car parks or adjoining properties.
  • Fly powered model aircraft or operate powered model vehicles.  This may endanger other visitors or grazing animals and the noise can be very intrusive. 
  • Pick flowers, dig up plants or trees, or remove stone. It is an offence to do so on a designated SSSI site such as Cleeve Common.
  • Plant flowers or trees, as they will distort the delicate ecological balance.
  • Light fires or barbecues because of the damage they do to plant and insect life, and the wider fire hazard.
  • Camp, or erect tents, gazebos or other structures.
  • Use metal detectors: digging up turf is an offence.


  • Want to ride a horse on the Common.
  • Are planning a group activity or an organised event, such as a sponsored walk.
  • Wish to carry out any commercial activity on the Common.
  • Are unsure whether (or where) an activity is permitted.
  • Need advice or help in planning your activity.