Dogs and adders

Be aware that this is the time of year when the adders that live on the Common become more active, especially on sunny days.  These rare animals are legally protected. They are timid creatures and will not bite unless they feel threatened.

If your dog is unfortunate enough to be  bitten, get it to a vet immediately. Try to keep your dog calm and if possible carry your dog rather than letting it walk. This will help to slow the spread of venom.

New temporary cattle paddock

The cattle have been moved to a new temporary paddock with electric fencing.  It lies between the Memorial Tree and the main track across the Common - see map.  We expect the cattle to be there for about a month, when the winter grazing season will end and the sheep will come back on to the hill.  No major routes are affected, so we'd ask you to stay out of the paddock.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Horse Riders: time for your new hacking licence


Hacking licences for 2018-19 are now available.  If you wish to ride a horse or pony off the  Rights of Way (which are very limited), you must have a licence under the Byelaws of the Common.  Licences cost £30 per rider - the same as last year -  and are valid until 28 Feb 2019.  Download an Information Sheet and an Application Form in Word or PDF.

Events Programme 2018

There’s another full year of events coming up on Cleeve Common, for both children and adults.

  • In February, look out for the launch of our free downloadable Self-Guided Family Walk.  This will give a route to follow and tell you about what to see on the way.
  • Family Easter Trail: explore Cleeve Common and earn a treat! As a family, follow the clues on a circular walk of about 1 mile.  Answer the questions as you go round and collect your prize. Good Friday, 30 March, starting 1-2pm or 2-3pm.  Please note that booking is essential to ensure there are enough prizes.
  • Summer events: watch for details of our Woodland Bushcraft day(1 June), a family event in Wardens’ Wood. For the grown-ups, there will be our annual Wildflower Foray (29 June).  Then there are three Fridays of Summer Holiday Family Fun on 3, 17 and 31 August.  The autumn brings a Geology Trail in September, a Family Halloween Event on 26 October and a Family Christmas Trail on 20 December to round off the year.

For details of these events and how to book, see our What's On page or our Facebook events page.  

Professional dog walking

If you use a professional dog walker and know they walk your dog on Cleeve Common, please check that they have a commercial dog walking licence.

Licence holders have signed up to our Canine Codes, ensuring they are looking after dogs to a high welfare standard and are also exercising them here responsibly. Both aspects are vitally important to ensure that everyone can enjoy this beautiful conservation area together.

If you are a professional dog walker, please click here for details of the Cleeve Common licence.

24176719_dogs & licence.jpg

We're changing our name


From 1 September, we're changing our working name to Cleeve Common Trust, to highlight the charitable nature of our work for the benefit of the environment and the local community.  

The old 'Cleeve Common Board of Conservators' was always a bit of a mouthful and  sometimes left people thinking we were a political group!  We hope our shorter, snappier title makes it clearer what we're about.

Our contact details are unchanged.

Memorial Programme

Memorial Programme

The Memorial Programme allows local residents to make a donation in memory of a loved one to fund the conservation of Cleeve Common. Donations for this purpose will help to maintain and enhance the Common’s natural beauty as a lasting and fitting tribute to the family members and friends who enjoyed visiting the Common for this very reason. Those making a donation will be able to place a plaque on the Memorial Wall surrounding the Cotswold's highest tree (photo).

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